Tara & Bryce | Ollis Ranch Wedding


When we left this wedding we looked at each other and just knew…it was one of those telepathic moments that happen to us every now and then…when we look at each other and just know that we’re both thinking the same exact thing!

That was an epic wedding!! Was exactly what we were thinking

We say every wedding is awesome and really they all are; but this wedding was a few notches above the normal level of awesome.

We’ve been talking/dreaming about Tara’s future wedding since she started referring her friends to us 2 years ago!

Every detail was awesome and every person involved was spectacular but Tara and Bryce put it over the top because they are some of the best humans on the planet! Really their whole group of friends is a notch above awesome people.

I think hands down the best thing you can do for your wedding is have a great attitude. Its more important then having a cool location, having the best details, or calling in the perfect weather. Attitude is everything. Tara and Bryce didn’t spend one second wondering what anyone else wanted and it worked out flawlessly. They were 100% themselves they did what they wanted, how they wanted to and it made for a radtastic evening.

They were surrounded by love and by that I mean they had 67 people in their bridal party! Just kidding it was only 26 but that’s what happens when you have history. 11 years of history. Some people have hobbies like collecting stamps (do people still do that?) I think Tara & Bryce collect friends.

Her dress was jaw dropping gorgeous, most girls wearing that dress would be scared to walk through the grass but Tara worked it, she walked the horse stalls, owned the dance floor, and ran through the sparklers without reservation.

Bryce had the sweetest welcome speech, he had the whole place laughing & crying into their drinks and it was perfect!!

For this wedding we dropped our cameras like microphones and walked out feeling like we rocked it! (Metaphorically of course! We would never drop our cameras on purpose) and that’s just about as good as it gets!


Coordinator: Mackenzie of Mackenzie Anne Productions

Flowers + Calligraphy + Signage + Stationary + All things awesome: Colleen Otta of Outside The Bloom

Venue: Ollis Ranch Redlands, California

Live Band: Citrus Valley College “NightShift”

Tacos: Amapola Rico Taco