The kids are growing!

They’re growing faster than you realize and on the one hand, hallelujah because they’re a little less needy but on the other hand soon they won't need us.




So hold on, squeeze tighter, and get your photos taken.

Because there’s beauty in this chaos called parenthood. It’s hard to see it sometimes on the hard days because we’re living it. But haven’t we all been told by older parents to soak it up because we’ll miss this? I assume that we’ll forget the pain of daily parenthood and only remember the good stuff. Much like we forget the pain of labor but hold on to those first moments of seeing our babies eyes!

You never want to forget this. We want to help turn your moments into memories because you’ll look back and miss the messy.

With us, family photos are actually fun!

We take the time to get comfortable with your kids, we send questioners so were equipped with things that they like, and we work for real laughs. We move when we need to, have you throw kids in the air, and everyone has a good time. We promise to do our best to make it easy on you. We negotiate with toddlers and bribe teenagers.

It’s important to us that your family photos feel like your life.




Dana and Nate are the BEST! Over the last 6 years they have shot our engagement, wedding, maternity photos, the birth of our first son & most recently newborn photos of our second son. They make us feel comfortable and make taking photos FUN! They are our go to photographers for every moment that needs to be captured in our lives!

"I have so many priceless photos of our biggest moments in life that I will cherish FOREVER thanks to the Lovers of Love!"

We absolutely adored Dana & Nate as our wedding photographers, and are over-the-moon excited that they have expanded their services to capture precious family moments. They were incredibly patient and got the BEST smiles from our 14-month-old when we traveled to San Diego from the Bay Area for our family photo shoot. They delivered a beautiful set of photos.

"As parents themselves, they know how to get the best moments from little ones and how to put the whole family at ease."

There are so words to express the gratitude for such beautiful shots of our children. They’ve captured fun candid moments to timeless portraits. Simply put it’s beautiful work that is constantly complimented. Working with Dana and Nate is such a custom experience, we can’t imagine ever working with anyone else.

"Dana and Nate’s photography is magical! They have an amazing ability to work with natural light."

Dana is super energetic and not afraid to be a goofball if it helps get you out of your shell. Nate is the calming force that puts you at ease. Besides being able to capture true emotions, they are both extremely creative in setting up the right shot and finding the right shadows and lines to accentuate their subjects. As a husband and wife team, they complement each other very well.

"Dana and Nate are a dynamic duo when it comes to photography."


Family sessions start at $750

The story ends with you having great photos to remember your growing babies of with YOU in the photos! You gotta get in there mama! These are the glory days even if it feels like you’re living in a circus…you will miss this circus. Take the time to make the photos happen. Your future self thanks you. This season of life will all be over before we’re ready for it to be.

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