Our New York Vacation!!


I know the statistics aren’t in favor of dying on an airplane. They say the chances of car accidents or being eaten by a shark are higher then dying on a plane. But there’s something about being on an airplane that makes me say my dying prayers. Maybe it’s because being in the air is as close to heaven as I’ve ever been or maybe it’s because I don’t understand how a crap ton of heavy metal + my over packed suitcase can fly in the sky without falling. Regardless of the reason, flying scares the bajesus out of me now. It didn’t used to, at one point in my life I actually applied to be a flight attendant! That part of me has clearly left the building. I’m scared now. Nonetheless me and my fear, plus Nate, & my mom all got on a plane and flew to NEW YORK CITY!!!

Of course we were annoying tourists and stopped every 5 feet to take photos. It’s so pretty, even the scummy parts. It’s an awesome city any time of year but there’s something about the city at Christmas time that is so magical. Makes me feel like I’m in the movie Elf!! Love that movie!! We went to the 8th floor in the giant Macy’s to see if we could see the Santa that “smells like beef and cheese” but the line to get to him was out of control so we just assumed Buddy was right about that.

We only got lost on the subway once, which is a tiny miracle because I’m horrible with directions. We have a saying “if Dana thinks its right, go left” I can rely on my directional instincts to be wrong. Which is still reliable in a weird way.

We attempted to see the Rockefeller tree lighting and got caught up in the protests happening instead. But it led to some cool photos of cops in riot gear, which we’ve never seen! Nate practiced being a press photographer. I’m glad he’s not a press photographer…not surprisingly as I don’t like dangerous situations.

We tried out a few whiskey bars, ate our fair share of pizza & street food, and drank as much coffee as our bodies would allow. We’re sitting fat and happy now.

Which made me worry a little bit more then usual on our flight home.

We saw so much in such a short time and barely scratched the surface of what’s to see in NYC. That only means one thing another trip to NYC sooner then later.

For the photo geeks out there, all of these images were photographed with the handy dandy Canon 40mm f2.8 pancake lens. Super light weight to carry around the city, though I still complained about how heavy the camera was in my purse from time to time :) The Mark 3 isn’t as light weight.