First Look, Do It! Or Don’t…..


Tradition says you should spend the morning and the early afternoon hours filled with anticipation for the ceremony. The ceremony should start between 4 and 6pm and you shouldn’t see each other until then. It’s a built up moment when everyone is watching you see each other for the first time and you finally get to hold each other hands and look into each other’s eyes. You have so much to say but the only thing you can mouth to each other is “you look beautiful”. You say your vows and you’re pronounced husband and wife. You have one hour to get all your family photos done before you’re whisked away to your reception and party the night away. This traditional preference means you spend hours waiting for your day to start and only a short few hours where you’re actually together.

We are wholehearted first look believers and here’s our long winded but well worth the read explanation of why:

first_look_01Adds hours to your wedding day

This means you don’t have to wait until 6pm to see each other, you can see each other at 2pm and have a much longer wedding day, spending more hours together, then you do apart.

 It’s private moment for just the two of you.

This is super special! It’s just as special as you imagined it would be when you were little (all girls dream of this moment right?), only its better than you imagined. No one is watching, and there are no rules! You can twirl in your fancy dress, laugh, cry or both if you feel like it. You can say what you’re thinking! You guys get to be YOU before you make one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make together. You can pinch each other to make sure this is really happening! You can relax because suddenly you’re not nervous when you’re together. Today is all about you guys and it starts here, in this private moment, between the two of you (plus us capturing it in all of its awesomeness on camera).


Be more in the moment

Seeing each other before the ceremony doesn’t take away from the “holy crap we’re about to get married” feeling that comes along with seeing your bride walk down the isle or seeing your groom watch you as you walk down the isle. It’s a real moment that you’ll never forget. This groom had a first glance and still got emotional when his bride was walking down the aisle. It’s a BIG moment and seeing each other before doesn’t take away from it.

Since you’ve seen each other you have an amazing ability to just be present in the right now. You’re not full of nerves or anxiety…you’re just alive, in the moment, taking in everything.

first_look_03 Lots of photo time

After your first look we go right into the fun stuff! We take bridal party photos, family photos, & some romantic photos of just you two before the ceremony even starts. If you’re crazy about photos (like we are!) we can take more romantics after the ceremony too! This takes the traditional one hour of photos and turns it into 3 hours. Cha-ching! More photos for you!!

Your bridal party & family will love for it!

No one wants to be taking photographs when there is a party to be had.

The groomsmen have been warned not to get drunk before the ceremony so afterwards they can’t wait to get to the open bar. The bridesmaids can’t wait to hug their hot date. Wrangling your family and bridal party after a wedding ceremony for photos can be just like a rodeo! Taking all your photos before hand makes for sober groomsmen photos and parents who are just so happy that your wedding day is here and there’s something to do to pass the time before the ceremony. After the ceremony everyone is free to enjoy himself or herself and you and your lover get some alone time to stop and soak up the day.


Smooth day not rushed

Without a first look you see each other at the aisle, you say “I do”, you kiss, you hug your parents, you smile for photos, you enter your reception, you have your first dance, you listen to your parents speeches, you get served your dinner and you finally get a moment (if you’re lucky) to look at each other and say happy wedding day! Then a college friend who wants to take a selfie with you interrupts and you never finish your conversation with your spouse, just like you never finish your dinner that you meticulously picked out.

Starting your day early and getting all the photos done before the ceremony adds a really peaceful and smooth pace to your wedding day. There’s no rushing to get all the photos done in one short hour…if things are running behind there’s still no rushing because there is plenty of time after the ceremony if things get pushes back. There’s no stress, its just easy, easy like a Sunday morning.


Maximum amount of time with your wedding guests

You’re officially MARRIED!!!! And your guests want to celebrate!!! Since all your must have photos are taken you can do what you please! You can choose to join your guests at cocktail hour and get the party started, or you can soak up the gorgeous sun-setting light to get even more epic romantics of you guys!


We’ve never had a couple regret it not one, not ever and neither will you.