We’re obsessed with our houseplants because nature is life and home is our sanctuary. Time with friends, family, and games is our favorite part of being alive. We believe in collecting moments rather than belongings. So we invest our lives into making memories and preserving them.
With our hearts full and our cameras ready, we approach each shoot with meaning and purpose.

We are husband and wife photographers based in Los Angeles, California. We met in college while we were both getting our BA’s in Photography. We fell in love over homemade playlists and carpooling to class. Now we still have our best conversations in the car!

Hi! We're

We’re married and have two tiny humans who have brought love, vision, a touch of chaos, and a whole lot of fulfillment to our lives.

We seek out adventure because the mountains ground us and the ocean sets us free. We believe that adventure is out there, sleeping under the stars, breathing in fresh air. But adventure is also inside snuggled in a blanket, coffee in hand, with good conversation.
Together we like our music on vinyl because it slows us down and makes us savor.

Life is full of belly laughs and sometimes tears both have depth. Capturing real moments is what we mean when we say "focus on the good". 

Our Name



We are Lovers of Love, and it sounds so silly to say especially if you’re in an elevator full of strangers trying to make your business name sound cool but follow with me.

Love is what makes us do some crazy awesome things! It’s what makes this life worth living; it’s what makes a wedding worth having, it’s what makes it all worth remembering. It takes a strong person to do brave things in the name of love like ask a dad to marry his baby, save up to buy a ring, and get down on one knee and ask the love of your life to be your forever partner in crime.

It’s actually a sign of strength and bravery to admit that you too are a lover of love. Come on you know you are.

As a supporter of Lovers of Love, you play a part in sponsoring 2 kids that live in Haiti. Our monthly donation goes toward supplying them with education, health care, and food. We also give 10% of every wedding to Outside The Bowl a super kitchen that supplies thousands of hot meals a day to those suffering from hunger and malnutrition. It’s our privilege to share with others what we have been given. 

It’s all about sharing the love. Part of our purpose is giving back to those in need.

Giving Back

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