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Weddings open a window into the world crafted by a couple’s vision, put together by a planner, and framed by photographers. As aptly put into words by Hubert de Givenchy, “Luxury is in each detail.” And as wedding photographers, it is our privilege to freeze into frames the moments and details that our clients have planned so meticulously! Catherine and Justin’s wedding at La Chureya Estate, at the very least, was a luxurious affair celebrated in style! Contributing to equal parts fun and gorgeousness, the couple sure knew how to make their special day a gala affair for everyone present! From people, place, to party, everything about this wedding checks wedding goals!

Catherine & Justin’s Wedding At The La Chureya Estate

Fun, fashionable, and friendly – Catherine and Justin are two people who will just instantly set you smiling. And we are not kidding; they are one power duo! From planning the wedding details to being such a sport, the couple just stole the show! They decided on the La Chureya Estate, Palm Springs, to be their wedding venue. Here’s a virtual tour – located at the heart of The Movie Colony, this estate opens into a private courtyard circled with lush greenery, offering a tranquil experience and adoring vistas of the west. At its heart, it is adorned by luxe interiors of pretty much every shade, and the place has a home-like feel to it, best suited for intimate events and a chill vacay.

However, the day started at The Palm Springs Rowan downtown where Catherine got ready. It, too, was a gorgeous setting for a peaceful getting ready experience. And when Catherine put on her wedding dress, we could see the entire room stare in awe. She looked absolutely stunning, and kudos to the designer! Now, it was time for Justin to steal a glance at his future wife. And the images stand true – his reaction was priceless! They kept a small bridal party with friends & family at the heart of the event.

While the first half of the day was more intimate, the wedding turned out to be a more modern, elegant affair with an Italian flare. In addition to the bride and groom, the couple’s parents also radiated the same warmth. They had a beautiful relationship. It’s not every day that the in-laws get along so closely with each other. We loved watching them soak in moments together, squeeze each other’s hands, and even shed tears of joy.

What a blessing to be so proud of who your child has grown up to be and to be so proud of who they’ve chosen as a life partner. So when Catherine & Justin walked down the aisle as a married couple, both the families were overjoyed and beaming with pride & excitement! Another personal highlight for us was to witness how the couple was just the heart of the party. It was their celebration, but they made sure they celebrated with literally everyone!

Document Your Wedding With Lovers of Love

Catherine & Justin, it was an absolute delight to be a part of your special day as your wedding photography team. Not only did the venue make for a perfect choice for stellar photographs, but also we had a blast photographing you two smiling and partying your way through the day! It was sheer exuberance! Thank you for trusting us to document your wedding day! And our heartiest congratulations!

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  1. Planning: Michelle Stansfield from Chic Productions
  2. Dessert: Exquisite Desserts
  3. Flowers: Vaso Bello Celebrations