Ingleside Inn Wedding | Amber & Thomas


Ingleside Inn Wedding | Amber & Thomas

You say gorgeous decor, rustic vibes, romantic atmosphere, and a luxurious setup, we’d say, our couple, Amber and Thomas’s wedding at the Ingleside Inn in Palm Springs. This wedding indeed had a starry feel attached to it! Our couple, Amber and Thomas, had a Hollywood-style classic glam Palm Springs wedding. The incredible venue provided us with some of the most intriguing backgrounds and stunning elements to incorporate into our images. The tall palms, the manicured gardens, and the majestic San Jacinto mountains made for picturesque views and mesmerizing backdrops for the wedding pictures. The designs indoors were equally aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching. We spent a lovely day in the company of wonderful people at a gorgeous location and got some striking photos!

Ingleside Inn Wedding Photography

Amber and Thomas are two lovely people, and together they make a gorgeous couple. For their wedding, their focus was on style and giving their guests the best experience ever, and so they did! They were inspired by Palm Springs’s old Hollywood roots as well as the Eight Shades of Drunk painting by Shag. Amber and Thomas, we tip our hats to your vision and the way you guys brought it to life and transported your guests to the good ol’ days of Hollywood magic!

Amber had her beautiful bridal dress custom-made, while Thomas’s getting ready robe was so cool! Our handsome groom proved that robes aren’t just for the ladies, and men can also relax and soak up the day. To be honest, we just love witnessing the fun and chill that the grooms have on their big day, and we want it to be a norm at all weddings. Besides ensuring some happy moments, this also results in mind-blowing pictures.

At Ingleside Inn, a good friend of our couple officiated the wedding, giving the ceremony an intimate and romantic feel. And, our couple dined with their guests by candlelight under the stars and drank special vintage champagne during the toasts.

From photographing our uber-chic couple to creating their images with the bridal party and all the other guests, we had so many creatively satisfying moments at this lovely event. The lighting was awe-inspiring, both outdoors and indoors. And the backgrounds were super impressive! The decor, the florals, the table arrangements, and everything else was fantastic, and what was even more special was the fact that Amber and Thomas had spent a lot of time dating in Palm Springs going to Melvyn’s for drinks and dinner. It was really great to be able to spend some time in Melvyn’s, photographing them as husband and wife now. It added a nostalgic charm to the wedding and even gave us some outstanding photos.

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Amber and Thomas, the two of you are true gems! Being in your company was such an honor, and highlighting your beautiful bond through our photos was a joy. Experiencing the positive vibes and witnessing the support of your close ones for you two made us happy. The wedding venue, Ingleside Inn, was an elegant and enchanting property – an idyllic romantic retreat perfect for those dreamy wedding photos, and we’d totally recommend it to all our couples looking for a similar venue in the area. The palm-lined tropical lawns make for a perfect place to celebrate a day as special as someone’s wedding. Amber and Thomas, we want to thank both of you for choosing us as your wedding photographers and wish you both loads of happy adventures, immense fun, and never-ending good times.

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  1. Event Planning: Jessica Fauls, Bee Loved Weddings & Events
  2. Florist: Luna Design Studios
  3. Dessert: Over The Rainbow Desserts
  4. DJ: DJ Chris Paul