Jace | newborn

Babies & Bellies

Jon & Crissiana are the first of our close knit group of friends to have a baby. We were all comfortable in our couple lives until this guy came along and handed out baby fever to all of us. I can’t put into words how cool it is to watch our friends become parents…the way they look at him and the way their relationship has shifted and grown through the past 10 months makes me emotional. Jace is mesmerizing i could stare at his face for as long as Crissiana allows me to hold him…until he’s hungry again (the kid can eat) Its crazy how much he’s already changed in just these few short weeks. It;ll be so fun to watch how he continues to grow and document it all along the way.

Jon & Crissiana you’re amazing! And we love you from the bottom of our hearts! Thanks for bringing this bundle of joy into the world and for sharing his life with us :)