Brenda & Jesse | Beach Maternity Session

Babies & Bellies

Their relationship has always brought them to this place, it’s not far from home. In their first year of marriage they would run to this beach, when Jesse has time he’s surfing this beach, now that she’s pregnant she walks this beach… and I’m sure when their baby girl gets here they’ll all play on this beach… So it was only fitting that we did a beach maternity session here right where they both feel at home. Their lucky baby will get to grow up with a head start towards excellence, with Jesse being a fire fighter and Brenda being a teacher… We won’t be surprised when she grows up to be a super hero! No pressure baby girl but we all have big dreams for you!

Brenda and Jesse we cherish our friendship with you and  love you to pieces! We look forward to watching you guys become rock star parents. Can’t wait to meet your little girl!!!!