Tonight She Graduates!


Today my little sister graduates from High School!

We are almost exactly 10 years apart….

I remember when she was a new born

I would hold her tiny body and do the math in my head

I’d tell her “When you’re 10 I’ll be 20… and when you graduate from high school I’ll be 28?!

At that moment in time her being 18 and me being 28 seemed light years away…

Time has flown.

Brittany, you have become someone way better then I ever thought you’d be.

You were such a prissy little girl…

You were all ribbons and bows, lace and ruffles!

(We couldn’t pay you to wear lace, now)

The whole family was banned from saying the world “fine” because you abused it!

You were such a little brat…and I feared who’d you become as a teenager.

I never imagined you’d be cooler then me!!

Photographing your senior photos was a surreal experience for me!

You’re all grown up now! (When did that happen?!)

You’re Beautiful! Without make up!

You’re so YOU! So real, so genuine…you don’t try and fake like you’re someone you’re not…

You play guitar!  And you’re really talented at it!

You have a helping heart!

You love God

You’ve made great choices in the friends you keep close to you!

You’re smart!


And I am proud!

You have a true fan in me!

And I love you to pieces!

Congrats on completing high school!

You’ll find that College is WAY BETTER!

Tonight and every night…

I’m routing from the stands!

Cow bell and all!!