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Jessica & Donald | 4th of July Wedding

There was no build up to a moment when he would see her for the first time that day…They didn’t want that and they didn’t care what tradition had to say. When the time came he took her dress off the hanger and he kissed her shoulder as he zipped up his bride. She... read more

Jason & Jessica | Engagement Session

This couple is the best advertisement for ever!! Typically with dating sites you have to go on a lot of lame dates before you find someone you can’t live with out! But that wasn’t Jessica’s experience… Jason was the first and only person she reached out to…... read more

Tony & Esther | Turnip Rose Wedding

It was all eyes on them as they cut the cake, his hand over hers, guiding the blade down slowly Putting the cake on the plate, Who would feed the other first? In a moment decision, she picked up her fork Dug into the cake looked into his eyes, And fed herself! Why... read more