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Today my little sister graduates from High School!

We are almost exactly 10 years apart….

I remember when she was a new born

I would hold her tiny body and do the math in my head

I’d tell her “When you’re 10 I’ll be 20… and when you graduate from high school I’ll be 28?!

At that moment in time her being 18 and me being 28 seemed light years away…

Time has flown.

Brittany, you have become someone way better then I ever thought you’d be.

You were such a prissy little girl…

You were all ribbons and bows, lace and ruffles!

(We couldn’t pay you to wear lace, now)

The whole family was banned from saying the world “fine” because you abused it!

You were such a little brat…and I feared who’d you become as a teenager.

I never imagined you’d be cooler then me!!

Photographing your senior photos was a surreal experience for me!

You’re all grown up now! (When did that happen?!)

You’re Beautiful! Without make up!

You’re so YOU! So real, so genuine…you don’t try and fake like you’re someone you’re not…

You play guitar!  And you’re really talented at it!

You have a helping heart!

You love God

You’ve made great choices in the friends you keep close to you!

You’re smart!


And I am proud!

You have a true fan in me!

And I love you to pieces!

Congrats on completing high school!

You’ll find that College is WAY BETTER!

Tonight and every night…

I’m routing from the stands!

Cow bell and all!!




Nate & I met in a classroom setting …

It was the first day of class… he came in late…

He was very well dressed for a college dude in photography school.

He had thick blonde hair and blue eyes ( the kind of dude every girl should date at least once in her college career! )

I smiled…

At the very least I had some eye candy for the session.


I’ll never forget seeing him for the first time.

As Bright Eye’s says so eloquently “This is the first day of my life, I think I was blind before I met you”

That’s true in my love story…

I don’t remember when the first time it was that I looked at most people in my life…the story gets blurry….

With Nate it’s crystal clear. I’ll always remember when we first met…what our first words were to each other…how we first fell in love…the crazy long hours we spent staying up talking…aiming (online chatting was totally our thing)

Anyway….I said all of that to say this:

Photographing Olyvia & Preston….took me straight back to when I first saw Nate.

They have that head over heels, crazy for each other, young lovers thing going on!

I couldn’t stop pushing the button!

We had so much fun adventuring through the allies of downtown Pasadena!

Finding secret places that we’ll probably never be able to find again!

Olyvia & Preston we wish you the best in all your wedding planning!! This season of engagement is so magical! With everything that needs to get done..its easy to just wish for October to be here already!

But Soak up every late night phone call…every ache from just wanting to be together every second of the day! Soon this time will pass and you’ll look back at it with rose-colored glasses

We hope these photos will always take you bring you back to this season of waiting in your life



I kept singing during this session (sorry guys)…because while photographing I literally felt like I was in a music video about young love! I swear these photos look like a country song! I know what it looks like since we’re wedding photographers and this is a lovely couple on our blog….they must be engaged!…But I should clarify, they are not. Though we would DIE to photograph their wedding…should they ever decided to walk down that path in life together:)Kaine has been a long time friend of the family…We photographed his senior portraits a few years ago and man has he grown up! Hailee is a doll! She’s so sweet and kind! lol We loved hanging out with these two! As you’ll see we had a lot of fun! They’re love is so refreshing to be around! Young love totally photogenic!




You’re a blast to be around. I love that when you really smile it takes up your whole face and your eyes disappear. I love that you have a genuinely sweet & thoughtful side to you. I also can appreciate that awnry Erickson side of you as well. I thoroughly loved getting to live with you and your family for a brief moment in my life. I’ve enjoyed watching you grow up so far…and I can’t wait to see where life takes you next… Congrats on your graduation Little Cousin!