Why wedding planners are essential


What is a wedding planner and why do I need to hire one?

Planners, coordinators, event designers. Wedding Planners have a ton of names because they wear a ton of hats. It’s like trying to name your mom by her job title, it’s sort of impossible because she does it all.

Planners help you plan before your wedding day to make sure everything runs smoothly, they know all the details and your vision they help bring your wedding dreams to life. They save a ton of time and money because they’re resourceful they know the industry and they have a team of people that do their jobs well so that you don’t have to spend hours reading yelp reviews on rental companies.

Planners do sooooooooo much good. We should call them fairy godmothers because they literally help magic happen on your wedding day. The magic must be real because it’s difficult to put into words exactly what they do and how they do it. Let’s just say we can tell a huge difference when a couple doesn’t have one. It’s like deodorant, we don’t really know HOW it works but we know that if you don’t wear it you’ll stink. yea, we’ll stick with the fairy godmother analogy from here on out.

What you can’t know before you go through a wedding day is that even if you email your timeline and detailed itinerary to everyone it’s inevitable people will ask you “what time are we supposed to be at the ceremony site for photos?” or “did you bring your marriage license?” or “what song did you want for your first dance?” Seriously, everything you spent the past 6 months planning will come back at you in the form of a question on your wedding day. When you have a coordinator there’s a person to direct all those questions too. A good coordinator is on site directing and taking questions and moving the day along smoothly. It’s really sad when brides don’t hire a coordinator because they end up spending the better half of the day making sure things happen as they planned them. Hire a coordinator so that you can be a bride.

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