Wedding Albums

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You need a wedding album.

Because that is the whole point. Right?

The reason you have photos taken is so that they can be seen, relieved, and shared with people (who maybe don’t even exist right now) like your kids, grandkids, or friends that you’ll meet later in life.

What if our service stopped at just capturing the images. If we packed up our camera bags on your wedding night and said “Nice knowing you, thanks for the party, have a great life”. Chances are you’d be pretty upset because if we don’t give you the images then we wouldn’t be doing the job correctly.

If the goal of hiring a wedding photographer is to get photographs that you can share for the rest of your life, then you need a wedding album.

Computers & Digital cameras have drastically changed the wedding photography industry. Before computers, there was no other way to view an image except through print. Couples hired a wedding photographer and in turn received prints and an album. They never said to their photographer “We don’t want the prints, just show up, shoot our wedding, and then give us the negatives.”

Chances are your parents, and your grandparents have a wedding album. Albums are the way to preserve your wedding story and ensure that you have it around to relive and share for the rest of your life.

Technology is rapidly changing. In the past ten years, the way people receive their wedding images has gone from albums to CD’s, to USB to digital download. Apple’s latest laptops don’t even have a USB drive anymore. Because of this couples often now shop for digital packages, they don’t want the album. They want us to show up, shoot their wedding and give them the files. But to us, this feels a lot like leaving the job uncompleted. If your goal is to have your images to share for the next 70+ years, receiving the digital files is only going to get you half way there.

If I knew that couples were going out and printing albums of their own and making prints, I wouldn’t have to write this post. But the hard truth is that people are busy, and weddings are a crap ton of work and money. When it is all over you, just want to sail away on your honeymoon and move on with your married life. People don’t intend for their images to stay on hard drives. It just sort of happens.

When couples decide they don’t want an album to save money, they do a disservice to their photographs. The risk of their wedding images dying on a hard drive and not being seen in 10 years drastically increases.

We’re here to advocate for your wedding day story.

You need an album, and you’re in luck because we have a badass one to offer you. 

Trust me, this isn’t your grandma’s wedding album, and you can’t make it yourself at Shutterfly either. This is a stand the test of time heirloom album.

I wish I could hand you this album, so you feel the weight of it. It’s heavy, especially the big 12×12. I just put it on the scale, it’s 11lbs! You could totally complete a workout with it.

The cover options are 100% Italian leather or fine linen. There are multiple colors to choose from in both options.

The deep matte paper option is so soft and smooth I want to rub my face on it.

Our pages lay beautifully flat, so you don’t lose any of the images in an unsightly fold.

And as if all that wasn’t enough our album company warranties the book for life. If there’s a manufacturer’s defect, they will rapidly repair or replace it at no cost to you.