Seven-ish years ago I was this really cool guy with a beard, a sweet collection of music on vinyl and an even larger appreciation for snack foods. Because I was so cool I obviously enrolled myself into Art School, earning a sick degree in Photography. Yes, I’m proud of that degree, but the best thing I came away with from my time in College wasn’t a piece of paper, it was this cute little lady Dana.

Ah, yes, College– where one gets a Photography degree and love.  I had a stick in my butt and he had a cigarette in his hand. Well, not all the time, but he was a party boy and I was a goody two shoes… I had never dated anyone I didn’t have to pretend around. He didn’t seem to mind that I was not so secretly judging him and I didn’t mind that he wasn’t quite perfect… yet… as long as he promised to quit his party boy antics.  I guess he decided my stuck up ways were worth, he quit his foolish ways and sold the kegerator. I decided to ditch the stick, and we’ve been happily not pretending for the past 6 years well documenting all the love we can find for a living. 

Enter Finn!

Finn can’t talk yet so I’ll (Dana) speak for her. Finn’s the very greatest joy of our lives. It sounds corny but it’s true.  She’s the only person I’d give up my seriously precious sleep for.  Straight up… I’m still not happy about it.  She clearly knows how to play the game though because just when I’m ready to give her back she does that ridiculously cute smiley thing over there on the left.  I’ve always felt so incredibly lucky to do what Nate and I do for a living but I have learned to really appreciate it in a new way since Finn.  It really is the best of both worlds.  We get to work at home as a parenting team and kick ass work team, Nate giving all the airplane rides, while I create albums. Me providing the food and the enforced nap times while Nate edits images and does other work like stuff he swears he’s doing, and then we get to hand her off to our ridiculously amazing family while we head off weekend after weekend to do the very best on the planet.  We really feel like we are living a damn fine life! Finn thanks you so much for being a part of it.

Our life now really is better than we could have imagined back then. 6 years later we are following our dreams, making a living doing what we love and are living right on the beach, baby Finn perched on Nate’s shoulders, clumps of hair in hands… I wish I could say we wake up holding hands and head out to drink our coffee looking longingly at each other while walking the dogs but the truth is that I firmly believe 9 hours of sleep is the minimum and Nate thinks that somewhere around 7 is the very max. By the time I roll out of bed and maybe attempt to brush my hair he’s up, fed the baby, walked the dogs, had his coffee and possibly saved a life or two.  He says I’m sleeping my life away, I say I’m just living it up :) Also I birthed that baby so try and one up me on that Nate!


Let’s be honest, Nate’s just really good at life. He loads the dishwasher with the precision of a Tetris master, there’s no leaky toilet he can’t fix and his ability to destroy the ETA on the GPS is like no other. Being this good at life inevitably means that you own more flashlights and measuring tapes than any human should, but I choose to love him anyway.

His ability to be super great at living and my loving, kind, bright side perspective on the world makes us one pretty swell team if I do say so.

Together we love our music on vinyl and our life to go just a little bit slow. We love our dogs like they are people (because they are).   We’ve been known to leave the T.V. on and twenty bucks on the counter so they can order a pizza if the mood strikes them. Soon they’ll be ready to babysit Finn I’m sure.


We believe that


In the mountains, sleeping under the stars, peeing on a bush… but it’s also in here on our couch snuggled in a blanket, coffee in hand, Walking Dead on the screen. We love our families maybe a little more than ourselves. It’s nothing for us to drive 3 hours through traffic, barefoot in the snow, up a hill just to be with the ones we love. We attend 3 Thanksgivings, 12 birthday celebrations and 17 random family gatherings per year. I guarantee my collection of stretchy pants is bigger than yours.

This year we’ve slowly morphed into hippies… let’s just say I started brewing my own Kombucha, don’t worry we still use soap and shave… making our own deodorant, now that’s for next year. (Don’t worry we won’t test it out on your wedding day).

We believe that life is what you make of it. It’s about creating your own stories and living your own dream. We feel super lucky that we get to live our lives in a way that not only fills us up but lets us create something super awesome for the people we get to work with.

Things Nate loves about Dana
  • She can organize anything, I’m proof. She can also clean the house in 10 minutes flat but can never seem to find the broom.
  • While all the other teenaged girls were sneaking out of the house dressed as a sexy kitten for Halloween Dana once went as a “leftover” wrapped up in tin foil and lettuce. My beating heart.
  • She drinks more water than any other person on the planet. I’m sure of it. There are 3 glasses of water on her desk RIGHT NOW.
  • She’s kept a journal since she was 14. If you asked her what she did on December 12, 2004 she could tell you because it’s all written down… all of it.
  • She genuinely loves people and is filled with hope for humanity. When I’m driving if someone cuts me off, before I can even get angry she’s already explaining to me they needed to cut me off because their mom is in the hospital or their grandma just fell and she’s home alone. I often call her defender of the world.
  • She cooked dog food for the entire first year of marriage… like it tasted so bad we gave it to the dogs. She’s stubborn though, she’s a boss in the kitchen now, both the dogs and I are grateful.
  • We can spend every single second (minus the bathroom seconds) of ever single day together and it never get’s old.
Things Dana loves about Nate
  • Can talk to anyone for hours about anything. Literally I’ve spent many a half hour waiting in the car because Nate struck up a conversation with a stranger. I lovingly call him Mister Rogers!
  • He loves shoes, watches, and jackets. He has more clothes and closet space than I do.
  • He’s really good at creatively fixing all the things that I break in my path. When we were dating he fixed my running toilet water valve thingy and my heart melted. Such a man!
  • He hates the way I load a dishwasher which is awesome for me because that means I get a free pass on the dishes! Woohoo!
  • He likes to have the best of whatever he’s buying…ie…if we decide we’re buying a plant and there are 15 of the same plants to choose from….he will make sure that he gets the BEST plant out of the 15! This sometimes takes lots of time and we’ve messed up many a pretty display in our shopping path.
  • He stays up with the news… I wouldn’t know things happened in the world if it weren’t for him telling me.
  • Black coffee and strong whiskey are the way to his heart. He loves trying new ways to brew coffee & drink whiskey. He’s tried them both together, but that was a flop.