Natalie & Will | Welcome Party at Tommy Bahama Miramonte Resort


Natalie & Will had an intimate welcome party dinner with their closest friends and family

Imagine a warm evening with the San Jacinto mountains behind the beautiful Tommy Bahama Miramonte Resort, this was the perfect setting for a wedding welcome party. Natalie and Will are high school sweethearts who have a love story from the movies. Their wedding welcome party was more than just a prelude to their big day; it was a proper celebration of their love finally becoming a marriage while being lifted up by life long friendships and deep family bonds.

The party started with an intimate dinner, surrounded by their closest friends and family. From the first toast, it was clear this wasn’t just any gathering. Nearly every guest stood up to speak, sharing meaningful stories about Natalie and Will’s impact on their lives as individuals and as a couple. The evening was filled with gratitude, love, and a strong sense of community.

Each speech highlighted the deep, genuine relationships Natalie and Will have built over the years. In a setting where usually only one or two people might find the courage to speak, nearly everyone shared their thoughts. It was a rare and beautiful sight, making the night unforgettable. This welcome party left its mark on us.

We love capturing welcome parties like this one at Tommy Bahama Miramonte Resort. Just being around the night before a wedding gives us insight into the relationships that will be key on the wedding day. We see the connections, the laughter, the tears – the full story. It also sets the guests at ease; we knew names and stories and had inside jokes by the time the wedding day arrived. We knew exactly which relationships held the most depth, who the key players were, and how to document the magic that Natalie and Will’s loved ones bring.

Natalie and Will, your wedding welcome party at Tommy Bahama Miramonte Resort was a heartfelt celebration of the incredible love and friendships that define your lives. Here’s to many more nights filled with the same warmth, joy, and deep connections!