Santa Monica Engagement Session


One real aspect of wedding photography is that we can’t plan everything.

I mean we can TRY but you know life happens and we’re in the business of photographing LIFE.

It adds a punch to the gut to the whole experience, a good punch, follow with me I promise to make sense soon. It’s like that feeling an actor gets right before going on stage, they know the lines they just hope they come out in order when they’re supposed to. That’s kind of how it feels going in for a wedding day or an engagement session, we know our stuff, we just hope it shines through. A mentor of mine says the true sign of a professional photographer is being able to get great images when the light is bad and you’re uninspired. Uninspired is the very last thing I felt while photographing Jake & Eliza. But I didn’t plan on the fog, I was counting on a bright & sunny Santa Monica engagement session. The upside is sometimes the unplanned things are the best.

There’s something super sweet and honest about photographing in a location that is personal to the couple. It’s an added element when they feel at home, they know who they are in this space, they’ve walked these streets and grown closer together, closer to one in another in life and in love. These streets, this couple, and the uninvited fog really set our hearts on fire and made us feel alive. We shot to the very last drop of light and I’d wake up and do it all over again if I could.