Sequoia Camping while 7 months pregnant


My favorite place on earth (aside from my bed right now) is hands down Sequoia National Park! We love camping with our whole hearts! So when we were planning on what to do for our last baby-less vacation, camping sounded like a fabulous idea! Fast forward to 3 days before our trip, and my thighs are starting to rub together, I could seriously start a forest fire if I walked too fast. We had big hiking plans! Turns out each trip to the bathroom was like a mini hike for me lol By the time I got there I had to brace myself and catch my breath! Our big hiking plans turned into two small hikes…one in which I tried out every bench along the paved path.  I was a real life pregnant Goldilocks (minus the bears!)  We spent a lot of time eating snacks and playing games and it was perfect! Not easy but fun! In between all my bench and snack breaks, Nate snapped some photos of me and the belly! I wish I had more pictures of Nate during this trip…I was too busy trying to breath to think about taking photos, but I’m so grateful he took some! My parents grew up going to Sequoia, I grew up going there, and we can’t wait to raise Finn up with camping here too!!