Jessica & Donald | Oceanside Engagement Session


Sometimes realizing that he’s “the one” is as simple as waving a necklace over your hand.

It’s a method used for finding out how many kids you’ll have and if they’ll be boys or girls. Of course, it’s not science, but it’s fun! Especially if you’re 12 weeks pregnant and you can’t find out what’s growing inside of you quite yet! Will it wear bows or bowties?! Either way there will be bows!

I digress…

Jessica & Donald did the necklace test and she knew it was meant to be. Of course, there were other things that lead to this decision but the necklace projected the same future for both of them. One boy, which Donald had already provided, and two girls!

We were about 12 weeks pregnant when we photographed Jessica and Donald…we didn’t know what we were having yet…but I had done the Necklace test the night before and it said we’re having a girl!!!! I was certain we were having a boy and knew the necklace was hocus-pocus!

Until we found out two weeks later that we’re having a GIRL!!! This is the real deal folks!

Here’s to Jessica & Donald’s future girl babies and here is their golden engagement session!! Can’t wait to photograph their wedding on THE FOURTH OF JULY!!!!

P.S they have the kissing thing down! I can’t “pretty” kiss for the life of me, I’m taking notes from these lovers!