Mark & Katie | Starlite Proposal


It was all set up, Nate was on the roof of the bar and I was stuffed in a closet with the door slightly cracked open, perfect hiding spots! The candles were flickering, the most classic love songs playing, and our hearts were beating out of our chest! We shoot weddings all the time and I’ve never been this nervous!! Mark had been emailing us for months with his vision, every detail was thought of and talked over many times, and he trusted US to pull it off! Today was the day he was going to propose to Katie, no pressure that everything be PERFECT!! I woke up with butterflies, I’m assuming Mark did to, he called me to talk through all the details one last time that morning. I know it was all his idea, I know we were simply the monkeys working out his master plan, but I seriously felt more nervous then I have in a long time! I know I wasn’t going to propose by nerves were sure acting like that was their next job too. When the moment came I was so thankful my spot was to hide in the closet behind the camera! I would’ve showed up a sweaty mess and ruined it all! Mark handled it like a champ!! He even managed to make it down on one knee without passing out! It was so sweet and perfect!!

She said she was surprised and I believe her because we watched the wave of emotion wash over her face! She was really shocked! But you would never know it! She showed up looking stunning!! Her hair was flawless, she had on a gorgeous dress & heels, and to top it off her nails were freshly painted!! How did she look this perfect if she was that surprised? It was probably fate! Probably the same fate that had her walk into the Starlite lounge one November Friday Night just a few short years ago where she met Mark.

They didn’t know it that night but in just 2 years they’d get engaged over at the same bar stools that they met at! Life is awesome that way!!! We had blast being apart of this intimate moment yesterday!! Congrats Mark & Katie!!! Bring on the wedding bells!! Wait people don’t have bells at wedding anymore…Happy wedding planning!!

P.S if you’re ever in the San Diego area you have to check out The Starlite lounge and order a Moscow Mule!! Seriously! They’re life changing good!!