We’re NOT pregnant but we talk about baby names to pass the time every now and then…We have a looooong list of boy names. We could have 15 boys and not struggle with what to name them but if we have just one girl…we’re screwed! Nate says all my baby girl names are stripper names….which I don’t agree with! I love Dakota & Dallas as girl names!! I really get bummed out when I think about how I wasted a perfectly good baby girl name on my DOG!! Piper is such a cute name! We got her 3 years ago. Before Orange Is The New Black came out so she’s not named after a sexually confused inmate.

Would it be wrong if we got pregnant with a girl to name her after our dog? Lol

We don’t have kids yet so at least in the mean time we have two awesome dogs with awesome kid names to keep us occupied. Piper and Grace help us relate to the people we meet with real children.  I can talk about our dogs like they’re kids without other moms catching on. “Piper slept all through the night last night and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Of course she pooped all over the house the next day to remind me she isn’t the perfect child”. I know having real kids is nothing like having dogs. baby steps.


Here’s Piper the day we first got her. The day we named her our only good girl name.


Grace didn’t want anything to do with her at first…she couldn’t even stand to look at her.


Once Grace figured out that Piper makes a great pillow, she came around and now they’re great sisters from different misters.



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