Dude, if you only read one thing on this site make sure it’s this post.

Your Bride is going to look smoking hot on your wedding day and you don’t want to look like a frumpy man in bad suit standing next to her.

You wanna look stellar.

There are some things you can’t know about planning a wedding until its over and too late.

We didn’t know anything about suits. We live on the beach, we were 25. And unless you work in the Men’s section at Nordstrom, chances are you don’t know anything about suits either.

SO we’re letting you in on a secret.

Rented suits don’t fit right.

They just never do. Okay, maybe once in a blue moon they’re almost perfect but most times they’re too big in some areas and a little snug in others. Renting a suit is rolling the dice.

You don’t want to gamble on whether or not you’re going to look good on your wedding day. Looking good needs to be a guarantee! That’s like your only job, show up, look good, and say I Do. :P Just kidding, You’re not getting off that easy.

You need to know that places like Men’s Wearhouse just suck. We’ll spare you all the details on why we think so but if you’re interested you can read all the sad stories here. They have a 1.5-star rating with Consumer Affairs for a reason.

We certainly wish we would’ve spent more time and money on finding a suit that fit Nate properly at our wedding. It would’ve been worth every extra penny.

It’s kind of backward if you think about. A bride spends $1000+ on a wedding dress that she’ll only wear once. While a groom spends $150 on a suit that if he owned he could surely wear many times over.

Spend the money, buy a suit that fits you great.