You decide that you pretty much love us and we decide that we pretty much love you after a few email messages and a Skype chat over coffee.


You decide which package you can’t live without and give us a 25% retainer fee to hold your date, we send you a handsome contract and we both sign on the dotted line. Then BOOM! It’s offish!


We schedule your engagement session and talk a lot about your vision for it, where to shoot, what to wear, where you want the photos to end up. And then we have a blast photographing you.  We discover you blink a lot and mock you just a little bit, because that’s what friends do. 3 weeks later you receive your engagement photos and you Looove them.  You fight back keeping them a secret for the wedding and end up posting them all over your facebook page. We post a blog cos we’re super pumped to share them too!


A few months before your wedding day you get a handy dandy shot list in your email to help narrow down all the photographs that are most important to you. We take that shot list and turn it into a timeline that will help your day flow smoothly and will keep your mom, your coordinator, and us all at ease. We plan for things to happen on time and know how to rearrange things when inevitably they run behind.


We photograph your awesome wedding. We laugh, we cry and we have a blasty blast. At the end our feet hurt so bad, but its sooo worth it.

If that sounds as delightful to you as it does to us then let’s get to chatting!


That night or the next day depending on how late you party, we show off a few of your images on the old Facebook .  We want to make sure the first photo your far away granny (or your high school nemesis) sees is one of you looking smoking hot, rather than a blurry, awkward angle, picture your hubby’s buddy took with his iPhone while slightly under the influence. We are kind-hearted like that.


4-6 weeks later we’ll post a blog of our favorite images.  Shortly after that you’ll receive a link with all your images from your wedding day, you can download those puppies and share until your heart is content.


If you picked a package with an album you let us know which 40-60 images BLOW YOUR MIND! We take those bad boys and create something so fantastic you’ll be showing everyone you know.  Two weeks later you get the joy of a round of revisions and then off to the printer!


Your Album arrives, your mind is blown. here are tears, but it’s the good kind. You hug us. We hug you back.


Although yes, technically our services have been delivered we are friends for life. You can’t get rid of us.


How long have you been photographing weddings?

Lovers of Love was born the summer of 2010! We’re almost 5 years old!! Holy crap where did the time go?! We were photographing weddings separately well before that though and share 13 years of experience between the two of us. WOO! Because we’re super fancy, we both have BA’s in professional photography so add that to the 13 years of experience and we have a pretty solid idea of how to photograph a wedding. #humblebrag

Will we get the high-resolution files?

Yup-a-rooni! We want you to print, print, print your hearts out!  We set you up with high res jpegs so you can print large and small images and hang them all over your pretty house.  We’ll even tell you where you should get your prints made at so they can look as fantastic as possible.  We’re nice guys like that.  The saddest thing to us is when images are left to die on a hard drive.

How many images will I receive from my wedding day?

You can expect to receive 75-100 images per hour that we photograph. So, if we photograph your wedding for 7 hours you can expect to receive approx. 525-700 finished images.

How long will it take to see my photos after the wedding?

We do our best to get your wedding edited ASAP. We pinky promise, to have your images to you within 4-6 weeks after your wedding date. We more then pinky promise its in our contract as well.

Are you the actual photographers who will show up to my wedding day?

Absolutely! We photograph every single wedding together. There’s no extra charge for both of us and there’s no discount for just one of us. We’re a package deal! We’ve taken every photo that you’ve seen here or that we will ever show you. Rest assured there will be no stranger to show up to photograph your wedding. Our goal is to be friends and know each other well by the time your wedding day arrives!

Will you help me with my time line for the wedding day?

We’ll be honest we get a little cray cray with solidifying the details for your wedding day schedule. Dana might be a wedding planner in a past life, no one knows for sure. We’ll provide you with a shot list for you to fill out and then make a timeline where we get all the photos you want on paper, no wedding day heavy thinking required. We go through the shot list, you get to sip champagne and enjoy your wedded bliss! We’ve got you covered, yo!

What is our shooting style?

We really feed off the energy of the day and the couple. We strive to capture authentic moments with a photojournalist approach while maintaining a well guided hand to make sure you land in the best light, in the best location. You’ll get a well rounded mix of candid/lifestyle photos + directed (but not cheesy) photos.

Do you use natural light, artificial light or both?

We prefer the warm glow of natural light; however we have lighting equipment that we geek out over and we’ll pull it out when the lights go low. We do whatever we have to do to get the best photo. Sometimes that involves adding light, sometimes it doesn’t.

Should we do a first look? And what the crap is a first look?

The short answer in my super professional, been around the block a few times, but humble opinion is YES! I think it’s the very best! The long answer can be found HERE!! <– Click it, I know you want to!


Eeek!  Dana here, it’s that awkward time where we talk about pricing.  I’ll be honest, if tomorrow I woke up a billionaire I’d still be shooting weddings… I’d just do it for free because MAN! THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME!  We would get to hang out with people who are crazy in love, get to do what we love, AND get to give those people an amazing free gift.  I’d be all over it.  Since the chances of that are pretty slim Nate like’s to be a little more realistic.  This realism means we do have to charge you fine folks but having super rad images of your day will still feel like an amazing gift!



Our full day packages with all the fix’ns start at $3600.

We don’t believe in nickel and diming you so all the fix’ns means, digital files, engagement session and our dynamic duo.