Clare & Andy | Claremont Colleges Engagement Session

Being in front of the camera makes me sweaty. My breathing speeds up, and I start to sort of awkwardly laugh. My hands slowly begin to float up to my face like they forgot where they belong. I doubt my smile, teeth or no teeth? My lips start to twitch. Sometimes... read more

Jessica & Donald | Oceanside Engagement Session

Sometimes realizing that he’s “the one” is as simple as waving a necklace over your hand. It’s a method used for finding out how many kids you’ll have and if they’ll be boys or girls. Of course, it’s not science, but it’s fun! Especially if you’re 12 weeks... read more

Jeff & Sheila | Rock Climbing Engagement Session

When Sheila & Jeff said they wanted to rock climb during their engagement session we were ALL IN!! Well almost all in… First, I had to clarify that I, personally, would NOT  be climbing or hanging or risking my life from any high rocks… and THEN I was... read more

Tony & Esther | Oceanside Engagement Session

The light came out to play with us on this shoot! We had a blast photographing at the old abandoned bridge in Vista. Tony & Esther are just darling! They came dressed to impress!! There’s nothing like a good fitted suit, a pretty dress, and two engaged... read more

Mark & Katie | Starlite Proposal

It was all set up, Nate was on the roof of the bar and I was stuffed in a closet with the door slightly cracked open, perfect hiding spots! The candles were flickering, the most classic love songs playing, and our hearts were beating out of our chest! We shoot... read more